The Guardian today states:

‘Cabinet ministers have privately conceded that they are very likely to lose a landmark legal case on Brexit in the supreme court and have drawn up at least two versions of a bill that could be tabled after the ruling.

Sources have told the Guardian that senior government figures are convinced seven of the 11 judges will uphold the High Court’s demand that Theresa May secure the consent of MPs and peers before triggering article 50.

It is understood that more than one possible bill has been prepared so that the ministers are ready to respond to any detailed guidance from the judges into what the legislation should look like.

It is not yet clear when the decision is likely, but the Guardian has been told that the government has asked the Supreme Court for early sight of the judgment, to allow “contingency planning.”’

The question of what decision will be made is still unclear. The Supreme Court has yet to fix a date for the delivery of its decision.